BREAKING: Starbucks Just Released A New Fall Flavor


In girl world, Starbucks isn’t just your regular morning coffee, and Starbucks’ flavors are not just your average coffee shop’s boring blends. Well, that was until every coffee joint in America tried to copy their recipes. Still, to us, Starbucks is a lifestyle. It’s a bit of relief during our study sessions. It’s the only way we can make it through Ancient Civilizations at 8 a.m. without passing out in pools of our own drool. It’s changing flavors delights our tastebuds with the coming of new seasons. Without Starbucks, fall would just be a few pumpkins on your porch, bunch of dried grass, and bare trees.

That is why I am happy to announce that, for the first time in four years, Starbucks has just released a new fall flavor. As of today, you can order a Toasted Graham Latte (#TGL) either iced or hot to help you get extra excited for all things fall. Please, ladies, try to contain your basicness.

Inspiration for the new drink came from the cinnamon flavored milk left over from cereal. Kind of weird, Starbs, but I feel ya. I’ve definitely taken a cereal bowl to the face a time or two. According to the Starbucks website, the latte is meant to “conjure up feelings of Fall, comfort and warmth.” Yes, please, I would like a cup of everything you just said with an engagement ring on top!

To celebrate the autumnal equinox (AKA first day of fall, AKA every basic girl’s favorite day ever), employees will be using orange pens to write names and personalized messages. PLUS there is a new cup design that they probably worked way too hard on that will be available through the end of October–just in time for our favorite red cups to emerge!

Ugh, Starbucks, you always know exactly what to do.

Via [Starbucks Newsroom]

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