You Can Actually Buy The Privet Drive House From “Harry Potter”

Harry Potter House Privet Drive

As an avid “Harry Potter” fan, I try to incorporate the magical world into my daily life. HP art hanging on my walls? Yes, please. A Deathly Hallows tattoo behind my ear? You know it. Listening to the theme song every morning when I wake up as I stare at the last seven books (and the eighth one that I don’t want to talk about) as I drink my coffee and cry over my lost Hogwarts letter? (You say “nerd,” I say “go fuck yourself.”) Yeah, it’s all just a part of how I live my life and the reason people try to avoid interacting with me socially.

Anywho, since I was in 2nd grade, all I’ve wanted was to somehow become magical, marry one of the actors from the movies (looking at you, Neville Longbottom), or move onto the set of the films and live happily ever after. And despite the fact that Neville has yet to return my DMs, my dreams might actually be coming true.

According to Daily Mail, the house we first met Harry Potter at, the house where the Dursleys acted like total assholes to him, the house where the boy who lived slept in a cupboard under the stairs is up for sale.

The house was used for the “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” movie in 2001 and pretty much set the scene for our childhoods. Granted, after that movie they started using a set but it doesn’t matter because once upon a time Daniel Radcliffe breathed in that house. His skin cells are probably still in the cupboard under the stairs (because yes, that’s a real thing that exists in this house). It’s basically like you get to live with him.

So, naturally, it’s not a cheap home. It’s being sold for £475,000, which is about $619,486 in US of A money. Still, maybe you can convince your parents to move to Martins Heron, Bracknell in the UK. With Trump running for president and the lack of English accents here, it only makes sense. Just make sure to call dibs on the best bedroom in the house. It might be small, but it’s totally worth it.

[via Daily Mail]

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