Can ANYONE Help Us Understand What Iggy Azalea Is Saying In This Incomprehensible Vine?!


I have a secret. I’m a HUGE Iggy Azalea fan. Ever since I saw the music video for “Fancy” parodying “Clueless,” I knew I would forever love Iggy. Her latest album “The New Classic” was on almost every Spotify playlist I made this summer. Don’t mock me — her songs were catchy. My girl Iggy-Igs has been catching a lot of heat lately, like when she got into a Twitter fight with Papa John’s. The experience scarred her so badly that the female rapper recently gave up on social media entirely, and as of late all of her posts are coming from her management. I get that, I’ve received plenty of mean comments via social media, too. I’ve stood with her, though, because I think everyone is being a little harsh on this Aussie rapper just trying to make it in a industry where she’s not only a minority, but the ONLY minority of her kind. I supported her efforts, until I saw this Vine.

Watch and listen closely, maybe you’ll understand more than I did.

What. Even. I’ve listened to this vine on loop at least a hundred times and the only words I can definitely make out are “boom,” “pop,” and “twist,” and those aren’t even real words, they’re just onomatopoeias. She’s super into it, too. Everything she’s saying is complete and utter gibberish, but from the video it looks like she’s feeling pretty confident about her performance.

I actually saw Iggy Azalea in concert at Austin City Limits this past year, and I thought she was pretty good. Then again, I wasn’t that close to the stage and there were so many people around me screaming her name and lyrics that she could’ve duped that crowd, too. I’m disappointed in you, Iggy. Did you run out of things to rap about so you just decided to talk really fast and hope no one paid attention to the words? What happened here, girl? I just want to understand. Then again, as a white, female Australian rapper, I guess I can understand if you run out of things to rap about. There’s only so many times you can spell out your name and use the phrase “bad bitch.”

[via Cosmopolitan]

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