Cheating Is Never Okay So Let’s Stop Acting Like It Is


I’ve just about had it, millennials. If I have to hear one more story of a person being cheated on, I’m gonna lose my shit. There’s absolutely no excuse for cheating and it’s something I feel very strongly about. I’ve seen one too many heartbreaks and tear-filled eyes after terrible cheating situations and it has got to stop.

Before I go off on all you cheaters out there, let’s cover some of the basics. Cheating is when two people are in a committed relationship (none of this “open relationship” bullshit) and one of the partners has relations with someone outside the couple. Many people define the relations in very different ways. Some as simple as flirty texts and others only as far as sex. Cheating also gets tricky when alcohol is involved. In my opinion, cheating is cheating when the other partner knows just what they’re doing is wrong and especially if the partner is a repeat offender. Don’t sweat it if your boyfriend is blackout drunk and touches some other girl’s hand. Only crazy bitches would be upset about that. I’m talking about inviting your ex-girlfriend over for a bang out or sleeping over in someone else’s bed. That, my friends, is textbook cheating.

I’ve seen people knowingly cheating on their boyfriends and not have a single care about it. Those people are ruining the sanctity of a relationship not only for themselves but for all of us. Who’s gonna want to have a boyfriend when they hear stories of all of the cheating boys out there? Likewise, what boy would want a girlfriend when all of his bros are being cheated on? You need to reconsider your morals and who you want to be as a person if you’re cheating in any way. It makes you look like one shitty person and I guarantee those around you no longer have respect for you. Don’t worry, there’s the opportunity to fix your character, but just stop fucking cheating. Break it off with your boyfriend or stop what you’re doing and own up to your actions. Everyone makes mistakes, and although yours was really freaking shameful, you can move on from this and be a good person again.

And as much as it sucks being cheated on, don’t play the victim game here. There are always two guilty parties. Yes, of course, the cheater has committed the act, but if you’re the cheated on and continue being in the relationship, shame on you. Ignorance is in no way bliss here. You need to grow a pair and move on. There’s no excuse to stay with someone who clearly does not respect or care for you. Everyone deserves better than that. Also, stop being mad at the other woman. There’s absolutely no point to this. (The only exception is if the other woman is your friend or sister, because that’s fucked.) The other woman has no clue the significance of her actions and most likely is just trying to get some like the rest of us. She doesn’t know you personally and surely would regret her choices if she did.

For my last point, and plenty of you might disagree with this, if you know someone is being cheated on and have any type of friendship with this person, tell them. The only thing worse than finding out your significant other doesn’t love you enough to be loyal is finding out your friends knew and did nothing to let you know. Be honest with your friends and as much as it might hurt them when you initially tell them (hell, they might not even believe you) once the real story is out in the open, they’ll be really grateful for your honesty. I promise.

Cheating has just become too mainstream in the past few years and it’s time to end it. Don’t cheat on your partner and don’t let them cheat on you. If you can’t handle being in a monogamous relationship, don’t be in one. This really isn’t rocket science, people. It’s better to be single than in any relationship that doesn’t bring out the best in you. It’s as simple as that.

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