So People Are Using Clorox Bleach As Bath Bombs


I always thought that every basic bitch knew what a bath bomb was, but I guess I was wrong. Girls have been confusing toilet bowl cleaners with their beloved bath bombs, and taking to the internet to express their stupidity. The Clorox Bleach & Blue Toilet Tablets do resemble a bath bomb, however, you would think that the Clorox packing or the strong smell of bleach would be a strong indication it isn’t a Lush sex bomb.

As fun as it is to laugh about other’s stupidity, it’s important to note that Clorox is a pretty strong chemical, after all, its main purpose is to clean a disgusting toilet bowl. When put on naked skin, it can cause discomfort to the skin and a rash (I would hate to know the damage that it can do to your “lady parts”).

Not only have idiots been submerging themselves in bleach, but they’ve taken to social media to talk about their (potentially dangerous) mistake.

You don’t have bragging rights over the fact that you turned your skin blue and essentially bathed in toilet water. I, personally, enjoy engaging in some light self deprecation in my group chat with my best girlfriends; however laughing at your regret about the guy that you made out with at the bar last night only shows that you make some questionable decisions while wine – drunk. Telling your friends that you bathed in bleach really shows that probably don’t know how to read a label, notice packaging, have never cleaned a toilet and probably shouldn’t be trusted to make any adult decisions. I mean, if you’re not even able to bathe safely, it’s probably best if you’re still in the care of others.

Please, for the love of your skin, and reputation, before you throw a “bath bomb” into the tub, please check to make sure that it’s use is to look artsy in your Instagram photo, or help you destress after a hard day of having the Starbucks barista screw up your PSL, NOT to clean sh*t (literally) out of a toilet. Trust me, the cute designs from Lush, with glitter, stars, and flowers (what sorority girls are made of?) are a dead giveaway. If it even slightly resembles something that you wouldn’t feel bad throwing into the toilet, steer clear. And, in the situation where you are unfortunate enough to bathe in some bleach, save yourself from the inevitable mocking that will occur, and just keep your embarrassment to yourself.

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