Drake Is Considerably Less Annoying Than Taylor Swift in the Latest Apple Commercial

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Who can forget the first Taylor Swift Apple Music commercial that debuted in April? When I first saw it, I watched it easily ten times in a row – not because it was any good, or because I’m a Swifty but because nothing could make me happier than watching Taylor fall off a treadmill. The only downfall to such a fantastic clip was the rest of the commercial, where Taylor pretends to hate cardio (bitch, we know you work out), and tries to rap to Drake and Future’s song Jumpman.

Instead of letting Taylor have her hand at rapping again, Apple made the decision to switch the role in their latest commercial, putting Drake as the star of the show, and featuring Taylor’s music (because she’s less annoying when you can’t see her!) The commercial started with Drake bench pressing, but as soon as his gym buddies leave, he switches off the rap for some guilty pleasure music – T-Swift’s Bad Blood, and jams out on his own. After dancing solo in front of mirror, he gets back to weights, but, after getting a bit too distracted horribly belting out the chorus, he drops the weights onto himself (cue – awwwww).

I have to admit, after watching the commercial, I hit replay. Not for the same (sick) reason I did while watching the Taylor one, but because it made Drake seem cute, or, dare I say, even hot. Even though there’s a part of you that knows that Drake probably doesn’t sing and dance along to Bad Blood on his own accord, there’s something undeniably endearing about him pretending to. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the entire time he’s wearing a pretty flattering tank top, that only reconfirms the fact the he’s been hitting the gym quite a lot, and is definitely more than capable of lifting his weights without dropping them.

Kudos, Apple. In the future, lets continue to stick to the less awkward, more ayyyyy (@champagne)papi commercials.

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