Here’s How To Trick Your Boyfriend To Propose Using Facebook


There are a few stepping stones in every relationship. First, there’s the talking phase. You know, the one that sucks total ass and makes you reevaluate everything about yourself? That lasts anywhere from a few weeks to the rest of your life. After the “we’re not quite official” stage, some people manage to make it to the next level. Maybe they used scare tactics or manipulation, or hell maybe it was just love or alcohol. However they did it, they managed to take their pseudo-relationship and turn it into something real. Something FBO, even.

And after a few minutes of the girl realizing she finally has a boyfriend, the next step pops in her head: engagement.

For awhile, we don’t act on it. We smile and we act like we don’t even know what weddings are. But on the inside? We’re mentally making our guest lists and wondering which of our friends will hook up with his friends at the reception. And after a few months or years or decades, we start dropping hints. Maybe it’s a “joke” during a ring commercial, or putting our friends’ save-the-dates on the fridge. However we do it, we start making it clear: We. Want. A. Ring.

A 25-year-old woman named Hannah Tolley recently went through a similar situation. When she mentioned that people were getting puppies and shit for having Facebook friends like their photos (we’ve all seen and rolled our eyes at those annoying viral posts) her 23-year-old boyfriend (cougar alert) Rhys Green, got an idea. He said that if she got 489 likes, 499 comments, and 500 shares on a post, he’d propose to her live on Facebook. Have you ever heard anything more romantic?

And naturally, she made it her effing mission to get those likes. In less than 24 hours her post made its way around the world and the poor guy was forced to propose. Just goes to show that if you put a bet on a ring in front of a girl, she will make it happen.

In his defense, he was already planning to propose to her (by putting the ring in sushi. You dodged a bullet here, Hannah) but when she mentioned the viral posts on social media, he knew this was the way to do it. And now the happy couple promises to live stream the wedding on Facebook because seeing proposal posts on our timelines wasn’t depressing enough.

So if any of you are eager to get a guy on his knee, consider betting him a social media post. I mean, isn’t that why we’ve been working so hard to get likes anyway?

[via Elite Daily]

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