I Did It In The Middle Of A College Football Stadium


Last night I read that a lot of people want to do it in public, and public sex is AMAZING. I’m not sure if it’s the rush of potentially being caught or just being somewhere you know you’re not allowed, but sex in public just makes you feel alive. Everyone should engage in a little public bang sesh, and here’s why. I spent a chunk of my undergrad years as a Spartan dominating life at Michigan State. Let me tell you, when people say Spartans do it better they aren’t lying. One of the best nights I had at State was the night I did the no pants dance with a Spartan football player in Spartan Stadium.

The football team was coming off a win at the Rose Bowl and at the start of the next semester the boys were still feeling feisty. One night I was at a party at a good friend’s apartment near campus where I met my public romp partner. It just so happened that my friend was the older sister of the player who would soon bang my brains out, and she was dying to introduce me to her brother, let’s call him Sparty.

The two of us hit it off pretty well. Translation: we got shitfaced and started to make out. I guess Sparty was still riding the high from the bowl game because he pulled away to ask if I wanted to go somewhere more exciting. There I was faced with the option of running off somewhere with a hot football player or staying behind (lame). I made the obvious choice and off we ran with a chug jug of jungle juice to keep things exciting.

When Sparty asked me if I wanted to go somewhere else I honestly thought we were just going back to his room. What I didn’t expect was to head toward Spartan Stadium, but I was horny and far from calling this off. With a pension for adventure and a lust for trouble we made our way into the stadium. I hung onto his back piggyback style chugging the jug as he carried me to the locker room. In the locker room things were getting fun, a shirt was ripped off and we said adios to our pants.

Now, the original plan was just to get our rocks off in the locker room, but I wanted more. I decided what the hell? The worst that could happen is he turns down my idea and we get back to boning. So I took a deep breath and awkwardly (or maybe it was just because I was drunk) blurted out “Maybe we should go on the field.” His eyes lit up like this was all he’s ever dreamed of, and once again we were on the move.

The stadium looked so much bigger from out on the Spartan head; a real little fish in a big pond the of scenario. But then I was overcome with this rush of excitement. I had been to that stadium countless times but never had I been on the field or gotten fucked. Sparty told me to get on my knees and preceded to take care of business from behind in the middle of the field. It was freezing outside but neither of could tell because the sex was so hot. It really was one of the best nights of my life. So, I highly recommend getting out there and bumping uglies in public.

You can thank me later.

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