The Top 4 College Sex Fantasies, What They Mean, And How To Do Them


College is a time for experimenting. With your looks (RIP, purple hair streak), with your future (because majoring in Television will be a great idea), and with your love life. You date here, screw there, and all the while you’re just trying to figure out what the hell you like. Because the truth is, while we’re busy getting it from a random in missionary, most of us are daydreaming about something…else.

In a need to understand the sexual kinks of college students (and people who decided to follow me on Twitter), here’s the breakdown of a very scientific, sexual Twitter poll.

Kinda crazy huh? Let’s dig a little deeper into these fantasies to see what they are, what they mean, and how, exactly, to make them a reality.

4. Same sex partner (14%)

• What it is: Doing the nasty with someone who has the same naughty parts as you.
• What it says about you: Maybe you’re gay. Maybe you think you’re gay. Maybe you want to try a bite before committing to the buffet. Hell, maybe you just think girls are hot and you wanna see if they’re better at going down. Whatever it is, you’re bold. You’re sexual. And you’re not afraid to accept that maybe the other team is filled with better players.
• The Easy Way: Watch some lesbian porn, see how you feel. If you like that, consider going to a bar and making out with a random girl. If it gets weird, you can just say you were drunk. It’s worked every other time in our lives. Trust me, it’ll work this time.
• The Bold Way: Make eye contact with someone you think is hot. Strike up a convo or leave a note with your number. Hangout, make a move, and go from there. You’re never going to learn to swim if you don’t dive, head first (into the vagina).
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3. Threesome (25%)

• What it is: Three people, one sex escapade. Either two girls, one guy. Two guys, one girl. Or all three of the same gender. However you wanna combined them, as long as there’s three of you, you’re in business.
• What it says about you: More is better when it comes to your needs. Maybe you dream of being ravished by two people. Maybe you want to watch your boyfriend get it on with someone else while you’re making out with her. Maybe you just think that the more, the merrier. You’re either an attention seeker or a pleasure giver, neither of which is bad. Either your sex life is bored, or you’re just burning for something different. Either way, wanting to bang two people at once is doable as long as you’re good at multi-tasking and keeping your jealousy in check.
• The Easy Way: There isn’t exactly an easy way to do this. If you want to watch, you can go to literally any porn website and find any combination of genders you want. But to be a part of it? That’s more complicated. To ease into it you could try making out with a girl (please see above) while your boyfriend watches. If that makes you feel good, consider going a little further.
• The Bold Way: Find an attractive someone you like, and ask them. Maybe it’s their fantasy too. Alcohol never hurts in this situation, but try to avoid your best friend. I know you loooooove her. But shit could get real weird, real fast. The best way to do a ménage à trois is to be the guest star. No boyfriend? No problem. But if you do have a significant other, make sure to talk it over with him, and find someone you both agree on. Go to a relaxed place, set some ground rules, and get naked. Cheers to more mouths and more orgasms.
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2. BDSM (30%)

• What it is: Chains. Whips. Either being completely in charge, or being completely submissive. There’s a lot that goes along with BDSM, but whatever your comfort level, it’s something most people low key enjoy, even if they don’t realize it.
• What it says about you: You’re a little crazy. A little dangerous. A little dirty. You like the idea of things getting a little rough, of your breath hitching a little bit as he surprises you. You dream of doing something you’ve never done before, or of trusting the other person to get you there completely. Are you a bad bitch? Maybe. Do you give a fuck? Absolutely not.
• The Easy Way: Luckily, BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism) is easy to casually incorporate into your normal sex life. A pair of fluffy handcuffs here, a blindfold there. You can start with the occasional ass slap or hair pull during sex and build from there.
• The Bold Way: As said before, there’s a lot of stuff involved in the BDSM lifestyle. Maybe you want to become his literal servant, and wear a choke collar around your neck at all times. Maybe you want him to pee on you. Maybe you want to be bitten or shocked or have hot milk poured all over your face while he braids your hair using only his feet. If you’re serious about wanting that kink life, grab your boyfriend/girlfriend/sex friend and take this quiz. Trust me, you (and your new-found orgasms) won’t regret it.
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1. Doing it in public (31%)

• What it is: Getting it on in any place that isn’t private.
• What it says about you: You like the thrill of maybe getting caught, the rush you get at potentially being watched, or you’re just really sick of your bed. Chances are you’re an exhibitionist who likes attention, or an adrenaline seeker who likes to be on the cusp of danger.
• The Easy Way: Luckily for you, there are a lot of “easy” ways to get your dangerous-fix. If you go to a hotel, stand in front of a window at night and bang while looking down below at the sex-less peasants. Hell, do it in the widow of your own apartment, if you don’t care what your neighbors will think. This will give you a taste of what it’s like to be out in the wild, without the risk of a cop knocking on the dressing room door of Hollister while you’re on your knees (totally random example and in no way an embarrassing personal memory).
• The Bold Way: If you want to have public sex, and have no fear of legal repercussions, the world is your fuck-toy. The back of cars, the back of bars. In trains, in planes, at the gym while everyone else is getting gains. The easiest fantasy to turn into a reality, and shockingly, the highest rated one on the poll, having sex in public is a true game changer. So the next time you’re at a party, in a crowded bar, or driving home on a deserted road, throw your person the look and get down to it. Your future, and sexual happiness, awaits.
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So no matter how you’re doing it, whether it’s BDSM, vanilla, or just with yourself, do it whole heartedly and full powered. Life’s too short not to make all of our fantasies a reality.

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