If You Wanna Get Laid, Fall Is The Season For You

get laid more in fall

Pumpkin spice lattes, yoga pants, slutty Halloween costumes, a brisk chill breeze… what’s not to love about fall? There are so many fun-filled things going on in the season that your persona can’t help but be ecstatic. As you wave bye-bye to your swimsuits and say hello to sweater weather, it’s not very likely that you would expect that your life might just get a tad sexier. Well, surprisingly a study now shows that you’re more likely to get laid in autumn.

When researchers measured seasonal fluctuations in the saliva of 220 women and 127 men, they found that people reach their highest testosterone levels in the fall. And to be clear, testosterone is the hormone that revs up the sex drive in both sexes. So basically when your testosterone levels are at its highest, you’re more likely to want to hook-up with pretty much anyone. Sure, you might not be flashing your tits or doing body shots at the pool, but you’ll still manage to get freaky in other places. There might be a few BJs in the library where everyone avoids the books or a lot of dry humping on the dance floor of a frat house. Whatever gets you heated, ya know? What’s strange is that they still haven’t found why testosterone changes with the seasons, but who really cares when you’re laying naked in bed next to a hottie with a gigantic peen that you’ll never talk to again?

According to this study, thanks to the result of the scorching summer heat, sperm concentration and count are at an all-time low from August through October. And then those sneaky little sperm cells rise in the late fall, going beyond their baseline. Regardless, if you really need to get laid, the time is now. Next time you see a bangable guy in class, just casually slip him your number as you get up to leave. His testosterone levels are up too, so he’s just as horny as you. Your chances of getting laid are pretty damn high if you just put in a little effort.

[via Elite Daily]

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