Iggy Azalea’s New Single Is Sure To Be A Banger

The internet loves to hate her. Even though there are countless memes comparing her to garbage, you can’t deny it. Iggy Azalea has had some serious bangers. Her career was off to a great start and then I really don’t know what went wrong. But somehow everyone on the Internet all simultaneously turned on her. Even I, a loyal Iggy fan since day one, felt myself turning on her after the tragic flop that was “Shitty Pretty Girls.”

After getting cyberbullied beyond what most of us could handle, Iggy Iggz had enough. She cancelled her tour and pumped the brakes on any new music opportunities. She got engaged and spent the majority of her time Instagramming cryptic selfies (which completely changed her aesthetic tbh).

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Despite being problematic, Iggy got control of her Twitter back from management. And she’s letting ‘errbody know she’s got new music coming our way — and is handing out details left and right.

The new single will be called “Team.” JUST LISTEN. Let the promise of this bop of a single wash away all of your Iggy Azalea hate.

Iggy is over all of you calling her a flop, so to avoid doing terrible on the charts, she’s going to release her new music to SoundCloud and other free platforms. I’m not complaining.

We can expect 10 percent ratchet. Thank God.

It’s looking like she’ll begin her emergence back on the scene in January. Keep your fingers crossed this goes smoothly.

I can only hope and pray that her new stuff is mind blowing, bass bumping, and twerk-tastic. Let’s all give her a second chance, people.

[via Breathe Heavy]

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