Justin Bieber Gets Drunk And Forgets About His Ferrari For Three Weeks

Justin Bieber Gets Drunk And Forgets About His Ferrari For Three Weeks

Have you ever been so drunk that you lost your phone? Shoes? House keys? How about your $240,000 custom Ferrari? According to The Daily Star Justin Bieber lost his car for three weeks after a night out with friends. If I lose anything at the bar, I’ll go back the next day. As horrible as it is to not only have to see the grimy bar in the daylight, but when you’re hungover AF, it’s worth it if it means not having to replace your coat. So I have to ask – is Justin Bieber really too busy pining after Selena Gomez (or whatever model he’s banging now) to not have time to at least look around the general vicinity of where he might have parked his car for three weeks?

His assistant (probably not for the first time) saved the day, and, was finally able to track his car down at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. A valet at the hotel said that she “was in a real state of panic and almost cried with relief when we told her the Ferrari was safe in a covered spot here.” You have to feel sorry for his poor assistant. It’s hard enough trying to trace back your own drunken steps, never mind those of your millionaire, 22-year-old boss.

The hotel seemed pretty casual about the whole ordeal, stating that it was pretty common for their frequent celebrity guests to leave a car for extended periods of time, and they just assumed that that was what Bieber was doing. If you’re an upscale hotel in Beverly Hills, I assume that you eventually get used to erratic, irrational celebrity behavior. (“Bieber’s car is parked outside?” “I’m just excited to see what type of bagels they bring for lunch today!”)

I can’t imagine that the search party for the car must have been that vigorous, considering that, with the amount of paparazzi constantly following the Biebs, it wouldn’t have been too hard to retrace his steps from that night (I’m sure that hundreds of his diehard, stalker thirteen-year-old fans had already done it). However, I guess, when you’re Justin Bieber, you have enough money/girls/drugs/other cars to distract you from your missing Ferrari. Silver lining at least he was smart enough not to drink and drive, and land himself with another DUI, so… snaps for Bieber?

[via The Daily Star]

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