This Kate Spade Purse Is The New “Dress” And No One Knows What Color It Is (Pictures)

Kate Spade

Last year everyone freaked out over “The Dress.” In case you’ve forgotten, it was that hideous lacy, striped dress that people had nothing better to do than argue if it was blue and black or white and gold. It was a social media fiasco that could have easily been avoided if people stopped buying ugly clothes.

Recently, people have taken to Twitter posting photos of their new Kate Spade bags in the color “Mystic Blue.” Much like the dress, no one can agree if the purse is blue or white.

The only mystic thing about this mystery color is that people still haven’t figured out the power of lighting. If the photo is taken inside under warm lighting, the purse will look white.

If it’s taken outside in natural lighting, the purse will probably look light blue. On Kate Spade’s website, the purse looks light blue. The purse is fucking blue. You’re welcome.

[via Elite Daily]

Image via Tree Vongvitavat /

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