Khloé Is “Done” With Caitlyn And Wants No Relationship With Her

Khloé Is "Done" With Caitlyn And Wants No Relationship With Her

Caitlyn Jenner took the world by storm when she emerged into the limelight from, well, the limelight. She was announced Woman of the Year in 2015 in recognition for all she did for the trans community. She was regarded as a hero because if someone who was once the manliest of men could be transgender, the ignorant notions of LGBTQ minority would be forced to come to an end.

Since then, she has said a few things here and there that have pissed some people off, myself included. It has nothing to do with her gender, her gender identity, or her sexuality. It is strictly about her opinions and attitude. Such as when she, oh I don’t know, throws her own family under the bus.

After Caitlyn’s initial interview with Vanity Fair, the Kardashians were pretty straightforward about how they felt: supportive, but a little betrayed. After openly blaming the entire divorce from momager Kris, it’s not crazy that the girls were a little upset with Cait. It hurts to hear someone talk badly about someone you love. It hurts even more when someone you love talks badly about someone you love.

And now, we’re at a point where Khloé is once again expressing how unhappy she is with her involvement in Caitlyn’s transition.

We felt betrayed because more businesspeople knew. I never want someone to feel like they have a one-up on our family. We’ve never turned our backs on each other with all the clusterfucks of shit in our lives, so why would we now? He never said he was going to transition. He would just say his soul has always been a woman. Bruce made it a point for all of us to watch Diane Sawyer together, and that’s the first time we heard a lot of things. We didn’t even know about Diane Sawyer until it was taped and done. On that show is when we genuinely found out about transitioning.

Whether Khloé’s point was valid or not, Caitlyn took major offense, which is understandable. Her transition was something incredibly personal that she had been waiting to do her entire life, so it makes sense that she wanted it to remain personal. But family is personal too. And a change like this is going to affect your family, or at least take them some time to get used to. They had a right to know before the world did.

What transpired next in the most recent episode of KUWTK is where things escalated. Caitlyn was mad at Khloé for talking about her, and argued that the family should stick together, to which Khloé retorted “You slaughtered my mother and you have the nerve to speak about families sticking together? You jumped that ship as soon as you did Diane Sawyer and attacked my mom.”

From there, Caitlyn told Khloé to “get a life” and to “shut up,” which sounds like something you say to the girl trying to steal your boyfriend, not the girl you helped guide and grow into one of the most influential and debatably the fiercest woman in the wold.

Perhaps the worst part of it all is the moment when Kris defended Khloé, asking Caitlyn to step up and be the bigger person.

“You were her dad since she was 5 years old. Give her a break.” That cuts deep. Yes, everyone goes through their own challenges in life. But Khloé Kardashian? I think it’s safe to say we need to cut her a little slack. Besides losing her father at a young age, almost losing her husband, being attacked by the brother she practically kept alive for the past decade, being known very publicly for YEARS as the “fat, ugly sister,” AND having everyone voice their unwanted opinions at her, I am sure she wishes she can lean on her parents to be a shoulder to cry on. Not to be yet another source of negativity.

And Khloé’s last words on the matter? “I don’t have a relationship with her. I’m done.” Hopefully this is just another dramatic quote that is blown out of proportion for publicity. On the chance that it is real, however, my heart goes out to Khloé. That shit sounds painful. And, my heart will also go out to Caitlyn because losing someone as amazing as (I assume) Koko is, is not something I think even the strongest person could handle.

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