Kim Kardashian Is Unrecognizable In This Bizarre “Commercial”

Kim Kardashian Is Unrecognizable In This Strange "Commercial"

I love Kim Kardashian. She’s a savvy businesswoman, a beauty icon, and a selfie goddess. I usually approve of her crazy antics, I even stood by her when she died her locks that perfect shade of Malfoy blonde. But Kimmy’s latest business endeavor is a bit iffy. She’s now the face of an energy drink company no one has never heard of, “Hype.”

Rather than just Instagram a couple chic photos of the product, à la every person in LA with teeth whitening products and weight loss tea, Kim took it to the extreme. She stars in this short “film” to promote the product, but it’s honestly just promoting Kim. Let’s be real though, no one cares about the damn energy drink anyways.

The ~film~ portrays Kim in three iconic looks. First we see, “Kim Hepdashian” who surprisingly pulls off bangs. The second look is “Kim Antoinashian” in a very chic “let them eat cake” moment. The last look is a bit up and the air and doesn’t really make sense at all, but she still looks hot. We’ll call it “Robo-Kim.”

All in all, nothing will ever beat the train wreck that was Kim’s hit sensation, “Jam (Turn It Up).” Never forget.

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