Kim Kardashian West Is Starting Her Own Beauty Line, Which Is Weird, Because Kylie

Kim Kardashian West Is Starting Her Own Beauty Line, Which Is Weird, Because Kylie

After hinting about it for months, it’s finally happening. Kim Kardashian West is starting her own beauty line. Just like little sister Kylie, Kim’s line will be named KKW, after herself… of course. How naive were we to think that she ran out of self-titled beauty product names during her latest collaboration with Kylie Cosmetics?

Kim’s timing of the release of this collection is… interesting. Not only is it right after the season finale of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but it comes only a few days after Kylie released her highly anticipated summer collection. There’s absolutely no way that this was a coincidence in the world of Kardashians. Not only will Kylie and Kim now be competitors in the beauty industry, but Kim’s brand will launch on June 21st, only six days after Kylie’s big launch. I can’t be the the only one who feels the brewing tension between these two. I can’t wait to see if they fess up to being in an all-out makeup war with each other, or act cool and collected in front of the press (all to maintain the good family name).

Now this isn’t the first time that Kim has dipped her toes in the beauty world. Aside from her recent collection under her little sister’s company, Kim with her sisters Kourtney and Khloé started Kardashian Beauty, a line that can now only be found with a few, sad, pieces left online (and probably in the bargain bin of your local drugstore). Kardashian Beauty was notorious for their orange bronzers, drugstore quality, and, felt more coherent with the old Kardashian sisters who still sported bad spray tans, leopard prints (and filmed sex tapes!) than it does with the new, sophisticated aesthetic the sisters have now worked to achieve.

Fans are quick to speculate that KKW beauty will mimic the new Kim, with lots of nudes, natural colors and, of course, contouring. However, if she releases a KKW Lip Kit, I’m sure that all hell will break loose. To be honest, with the huge variety and quick production of new Kylie Cosmetics products, it will be hard for Kim to not eventually create similar products to her sister. I would assume that KKW Beauty will first release products that mimic Kim’s signature look… which may be hard to do considering Kylie Cosmetics just produced a collection with that exact intention. While a girl can never have too many nude lipsticks, she may be able to have too many Kim Kardashian inspired nude lipsticks.

For now, not much more is known on what the line will entail. Kanye West filed the paperwork for the cosmetics line to be apart of DONDA, his “comprehensive lifestyle brand.” With her supportive, and wannabe fashion-God hubby behind her, you’re sure that Kim’s collection will be nothing but meticulously chic. The brand will launch on June 21st, 2017, however it is unclear whether it will operate strictly through e-commerce, like Kylie Cosmetics, or will be available in stores, similar to Kardashian Beauty. For more news, follow the Instagram account @kkwbeauty, which is currently posting vague teasers, in typical Kardashian-hype fashion.


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The only thing we can be sure of is that unless KKW is planning on not releasing some of the beauty world’s most popular products, like liquid lipsticks and highlighters, she’s sure to be stepping on her baby sisters toes. Who knows whether this drama will unfold on Keeping Up With The Kardashians or on Kylie’s new reality show, Life of Kylie (look… more competition!).

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