Kyle Park’s Newest Song Will Make You Ache For Summer

Kyle Park’s newest single, “Turn That Crown Upside Down,” premiered this morning on Taste Of Country. And also YouTube. It’s the fifth single from his newest album, the fourth album for which he served as both the artist and the record label. The song, paired flawlessly with some young, beautiful people who don’t seem to have a thing in the world to do besides party and golf makes me feel some kind of way. I’m just like…Oh, hey. I want to sit outside and soak up the sun, wearing a baseball cap. Maybe that’s because I’m really low-maintenance and chill and can totally hang, or maybe it’s because I didn’t wash my hair this morning and I ran out of dry shampoo. You’ll never know. And I'll never care. The only thing I can even think about caring about right now is an ice cold burr -- and I don’t even drink beer. Except the song’s about whiskey, not a Zeta doing a keg stand. Whatever. While I don’t exactly suggest playing beer pong (whiskey pong?) with golf balls as Park and his gang have elected to do -- because, duh, it will A) waste a lot of alcohol, and B) probably lead to a concussion or two -- I absolutely can get down with a game of flip cup in the pool, sweetly nestled behind a mansion, that just so happens to overlook a lake. Yes please.

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