Kylie Talks About Getting Engaged To Tyga, Forgets She’s 19


Take a minute to think back to your high school sweetheart. Or, if you didn’t have one, take a minute to think back to that annoying couple that was convinced their love could conquer all while you bitterly laughed and thought “I hope he cheats on you the first week of college.” Okay. Now that you’re there with me on this journey, think about how stupid you felt for actually believing that this guy was ~the one.~ How you acted out in high school angst and screamed that your mom just “didn’t understand” when she confronted you about how you’re giving up your future for a boy who you probably won’t even remember in a few years.

If you were like me, you probably got a promise ring. To be honest, I still have mine. Both of the ones I’ve gotten. At the time, they both felt so serious. But looking back, I was more concerned with school, friends, sports, pets, and literally anything else teenage girls should have been concerned with. Which is why all of my relationships have crashed and burned. That and because those guys were douchebags. But moving on.

Now that we’re older, we literally laugh (and cry) when we see our younger friends getting married on Facebook. It’s partly because we’re jealous, but also because we’re not stupid and that kind of commitment would be awful in your early 20s. Let alone when you’re 19 freaking years old. Let alone when you’re Kylie freaking Jenner.

That’s right. Kylie Jenner got a promise ring from her famous(ish) boyfriend. Good on Tyga, he better hold onto her for as long as she’s SOMEHOW blinded by the whole thing. After all, his greatest claim to fame is that the Kardashians know who he is, she buys him cute little gifts like a Bentley, and she’s hotter than, well, anyone. For a single father without a single memorable song and an unfortunate looking face, and who the rest of her family hates… no, I’m sorry, how the FUCK did this happen?!

Check out the bling:

The caption reads: “If this is my promise ring I wanna know what my engagement ring gonna look like” To which I say “Slow your fucking roll, Kylie.” First of all, look at Tyga’s hand in the picture. His ring is bigger than hers. Is that the kind of man you want? Second, both of them are too young to get married. Not only are they kids, but Kylie acts like a better parent to Tyga than Tyga acts to his own child.

At the end of the day, this is what it boils down to. Kylie is 19 years old, with a gorgeous house, gorgeous cars, impeccable makeup, banging body, and a man that actually wants to be with her. Kylie 1, world 0.

[via Elite Daily ]

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