Kylie’s New Holiday Collection Is So INTENSE, But Still Not Enough Product To Make You Look Like Kylie


Kylie Jenner released information on her highly anticipated Holiday 2016 Collection. Over the span of two hours, she teased an overwhelming amount of products, bundles and a white furry stocking on Snapchat, and I was living for every second of the release. All of these products will be limited edition for the holidays, and if her past sales have been any indication, will be sold out faster than you can say “lip injections.”

Fans who thought that her Birthday Bundle was over the top, better prepare themselves, as Kylie was just warming up. Here is everything that she has released on her snapchat last night:

White Fur Stocking: Is there anything more Kylie than a white furry stocking with her iconic lip logo? If you have no concern for nostalgia, it’s definitely a Kardashian upgrade from the sad, knit one that you have from your childhood. This stocking will come free with purchase on Black Friday.

Mini Matte Liquid Lipstick Set: If your commitment issues are prohibiting you from deciding which full sized matte lipstick to buy, this set is the perfect way for you to test some of her most popular shades. It includes old shades Moon, Ginger, Love Bite and Pumpkin, new shades Angel (a soft pink) and Vixen (a deep plum).

Matte Liquid Lip Kits Ornaments: If you needed any more of an incentive to buy a lip kit, Kylie has traded in her signature packaging for an ornament version of it. Now you can hang your lip kits ornaments on your christmas tree, beside your furry stocking, take a selfie in front of it all, and have a very Kylie Christmas. The shade Vixen and Merry will be available in this style.

Metal Matte and Gloss Ornaments: These come in a tube – styled ornament (more to put on the tree!). Shades include a Metal Matte named Dancer (a classic red, in a metal, shiny formula), and glosses Naughty (a cherry red that would be guaranteed to add a bit of sex appeal to any holiday outfit, and a surefire way to show your new boyfriend’s parents that you’re a Marilyn, not a Jackie), and Jolly (a wine color, perfect to conceal the amount of actual wine you’ll be drinking).

Creme Shadows: Kylie brought back the creme formula that she used in her Birthday Collection to produce the shades Yellow Gold (do I need to explain?), Golden Plum (a classic plum shade, with a subtle gold shimmer), and Camo (an army green). These shades are perfect for a low-maintenance eye look.

Full-Sized Matte and Glitter Gloss Lip Set: In her snap story, she did not expand much on this bundle, which is a shame considering it looks like it has some of the most wearable colors in the entire collection. This bundle includes matte color Angel, Blitzen, Cupid, and Noel.

Kyshadow Palette: After debuting most of her products, Kylie took an hour break to build excitement for her already highly anticipated, third Kyshadow palette. Unlike her other two, the Bronze and Burgundy palettes, this palette comes with unexpected shades she said were inspired by “jewel tones” and a mirror. Sticking with her cute holiday themed names, this palette includes Sugar Cookie (a matte beige, with pink undertones), Frosty (a metallic, classic silver), Chestnut (a crepe tone), Mittens (a metallic mauve), Winter (a metallic royal blue), Nutcracker (a metallic plum), Gingerbread (a metallic, classic gold), Evergreen (a matte forest green) and Silent Night (a matte plum).

Kyliner: Kylie just barely mentioned that she will be including a new Kyliner called White Snow (can you guess the color?) in her collection. As usual, this set includes a creme gel eyeliner, an eyeliner brush and an eyeliner pencil, so make sure that you are very committed to wearing white eyeliner before your purchase.

Brush Set: Kylie debuted her first set of five eyeshadow brushes. These brushes have a white handle and bristles, which provide great contrast for the black KYLIE logo that is on every single one of them; so that everyone knows that you have Kylie – everything.

Makeup Bag: This bag is the silver version of the black one included in her birthday collection. It is a simple bag, with her logo front and center. While you may not need another makeup bag now, you definitely will if you decide to indulge in this collection.

Furry Key Chain: Kylie didn’t actually address this product in her extensive snap story, however, diehard Kylie fans were quick to pick up the white, fur pom pom keychain that was included in the background. The white ball is attached to the Kylie Cosmetic’s lip logo, and is reminiscent of the the Fendi fur Bag Bugs that she loves. Here’s to hoping that her version is a bit less pricey.

Holiday Box: Last, but not least, Kylie showed her Holiday Box set, that is sure to have any makeup addict screaming on Christmas morning. The box set does not only include the new, limited edition products. It includes her new Kyshadow palette, three creme eyeshadows, Kyliner in White Snow, new matte liquid lipstick singles in Angel, Merry and Vixen, as well as older singles Candy, Koko, Brown Sugar, Pumpkin and Okurrr, and her new glosses in Naughty and Jolly.

Lets hope that Santa is able to snag some of these limited edition, sure to be sold out quickly products for you; because who doesn’t want to wake up to a white furry stocking filled with Kylie cosmetics?

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