Lilly Pulitzer Wallpaper Is Exactly What Your Room Is Missing And It’s Available Now

lilly pulitzer wallpaper

Remember when the world went crazy for the Lilly Pulitzer and Target collaboration? Things sold out in minutes online. Fights broke out over Lilly mini skirts and crop tops. When all was said and done, we were either stuck crying about not getting anything from the collection or forced to pay double or triple the price from other sellers like eBay. People were pissed.

If you didn’t get anything from that collection, fear not, because Lilly just came out with another collaboration, only this time, it doesn’t involve clothes. Lilly Pulitzer joined forces with Lee Jofa, a home furnishing brand to come out with fabrics, trim, and most importantly, wallpaper. I’m not a huge fan of Lilly Pulitzer, but you can’t tell me that the green wallpaper above doesn’t look chic AF paired with gold accents. The line includes 13 prints that are bright, colorful, and true to the brand of Lilly Pulitzer.

More Lilly! #ljloveslilly

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New Lilly Pulitzer feature wall! #sneakpeak #kravetjupiter #ljloveslilly

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How cute would this wallpaper look as an accent wall? Or even lined in a walk-in closet? The fabric can be used to cover chairs, pillows, or whatever your heart desires. Everything from the collection is available now at Lee Jofa showrooms and for more information, you can go to their website here.

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