Looks Like Nick Viall Haters May Have Good Reason

Nick Viall

I didn’t watch either season of The Bachelorette that Nick Viall was on, so I didn’t really get all of the outrage over Viall being chosen as the new Bachelor. Sure, I was definitely in the Luke Pell camp, but I wasn’t going to start a petition about it or anything. But now the Viall haters have some new ammo, and I’m beginning to think they may be right.

In a radio interview last Wednesday, Lauren Himle, one of the stars of this season of Bachelor in Paradise said that she wasn’t too happy with the way that Viall had treated fellow Paradise star Jen Saviano. While Viall and Saviano are still together as the show heads into its finale on Tuesday, obviously they aren’t anymore, right? Well, not so fast, according to Himle.

From US Weekly:

“I am not a big fan of [Viall],” said Himle, who competed with Saviano for Ben Higgins’ affections on season 20. “He dated my great friend Jen on Bachelor in Paradise … but it was my understanding that they were still seeing each other after the show completed.” When asked for how serious Viall and Saviano were after the ABC dating show ended, Himle said they were “still together in a relationship.”

She added:

“So Jen is one of the smartest people I know, and she picks up on the bulls–t — her and I are both pretty good at picking up on guys’ game,” Himle said. “She knew that he was kind of manipulating her towards the end. This just happened. They were solid a week ago. … It’s fresh.”

Saviano hasn’t publicly commented about Viall being named the new Bachelor, aside from dropping this tweet during the live announcement:

Viall wouldn’t be the first person to be accused of dumping someone to take his chance at fame on the franchise (the most recent being Robby Hayes from JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette), but there’s something pretty creepy about dumping someone you met on a dating show so you can go on another dating show. We all know Luke never would have done that.

[via US Weekly]

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