Mariah Carey Continues To Be A MFing Queen After NYE Performance


Counting down to the anticipated end of 2016, the diva got caught attempting (key word: attempting) to lip-sync to a pre-recorded version of the song “Emotion.” Decked out in a sequenced body suit and surrounded by white feathers, hot guys, and just generally being over-the-top in typical Mariah-style it’s obvious that the star wasn’t intending for this performance to be a joke.

During her first song it appeared as though she was not able to hear the backtrack of the song that she was trying to follow along to. To be honest, the first part of the performance reminds me of an overconfident girl during karaoke – she’s not fantastic but the important this is that she’s acting like the sh*t.

Handling it like a true pro (at lip-syncing) Mariah knew when to throw in the towel, and give up. Asking her dancers to help her down off of the platform (really, does she do anything on her own?) Mariah breaks from her notorious diva – status by addressing the audience directly. “Well, Happy New Year. We can’t hear but I’ll just get through ‘Emotion.'”

After one more failed attempt at trying get back into the groove, she makes light of the situation, talking overtop of the track, even cracking a few jokes. I applaud her, not for her singing voice, which has obviously either gone to sh*t, or was never the sh*t to begin with, but her ability to not get embarrassed in such an uncomfortable situation. Unlike other singers who deny, deny, deny that they weren’t really singing, even when it is painfully obvious that the opposite is true, Mariah knows that regardless of whether or not she was actually singing at one of the most watched programs of the year, she is, and will always be, the queen.

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