Mariah Carey DNGAF About This Pretty Obvious Photoshop

Mariah Carey DNGAF About This Pretty Obvious Photoshop

Nothing worse than you wanting to post a photo on Instagram, that is otherwise great, except for one little detail. Maybe you look a bit bloated, or the zit, that you thought you covered so well is incredibly visible. With the power of Facetune, Photoshop, and the confidence that you sort of know what you’re doing (you took a computer science course freshman year!), your photos will be like-worthy within minutes. However, my biggest fear would always be, what if someone realize… or, even worse, called you out for doing so?

#festivating !! #happythanksgiving 😘

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Mariah Carey is far too above worrying about these petty problems. Over the weekend, she posted a Thanksgiving photo onto Instagram, and super-fans were quick to point out the obvious photoshop at play. Unlike other celebrities, who take down the photo in question instantly, and attempt to pretend that it never happened, Mariah ignored her haters, kept the photo up, and continued to post more from her holiday weekend.

Anyone with a keen eye (and maybe the Instagram zoom feature) can see that fans weren’t over exaggerating. The cupboard doors and the mirror behind her were extremely warped, and anyone who has seen another human’s body can tell that something just wasn’t quite proportionate about the way that Queen Mimi looked.

But, can you blame her? With the amount that I eat at Thanksgiving, I would never dare to wear such a tight, exposing that would not only show all of my daily flaws, but the newfound ones that come with eating three plates of food. When you take into account that Mariah is now 46 years old, you can’t help but not only give her recognition for being daring enough to pull off such a scandalous outfit, and look fantastic doing so, but for knowing how to use Facetune in the first place. My own mother can hardly figure out how to attach something to an email, let alone photoshop a photo to make it still appear normal at first glance.

Mariah isn’t the first celebrity to overdo it with the photoshop, and she definitely won’t be the last. Search for celebrity photoshop fails, and you’ll have entertainment for hours, and the realization that celebrities are actually sometimes just like you (with unwanted belly rolls acne and all!)

You do you Mariah, and keep being your over-the-top self.

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