New App Lets You Tinder Just For Cuddling


Not everyone uses Tinder for hooking up. That I know. There are a significant amount of people on there of both genders who are just not interested in hookups, and they actually want a long-term relationship out of Tinder. What are you going to tell your parents? Or your kids? At least eHarmony has a shred of credibility, y’all. Keep Tinder for hookups.

But I digress. If you’re someone who just loves to cuddle, and you really only want to find someone to briefly cuddle with, have we got an app for you: introducing Cuddlr.

Cuddlr, a takeoff on the technology made famous in Tinder, Grindr, and even Jswipe, is a sex-free app designed to just hook people up who want to cuddle. No sex, just cuddling. The app matches you up with people in your area and you have 15 minutes to respond to cuddle requests. Once you match up with someone in your area, it gives you real-time walking directions to that person. Then you just go meet up and snuggle. It’s kind of adorable.

There’s even a cute video that the developers made to advertise the app.



If it seems like it has the possibility to be creepy, don’t worry–Cuddlr has you covered. “It is possible to report someone who cuddles inappropriately, and we encourage first-time pairs to do their cuddling in a public place,” creator of Cuddlr Charlie Williams tells The Independent. “Unlike some other apps, Cuddlr is strictly about PG-rated experiences. Keep the cuddle a cuddle!”

You can then rate a person as “awesome,” “good,” “OK,” or “inappropriate.” You can even give information about your cuddling preferences, including if you’d rather be the little spoon or the big spoon. They say that if you two click, you can definitely see what happens after you hit it off, but “wait until the end of the cuddle, then ask politely.”

This is definitely not for some people, including those who just simply do not want to be touched after coitus, but for those people who want an alternative to “U up?” messages and a slew of other creepy pickup lines, Cuddlr might be for you.

[via Independent UK]

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