Nicki Minaj DRAGS President Elect Trump In New Song

Nicki Minaj Drags President Elect Trump In New Song

In case you have already moved to Canada, or you have been living in denial, Trump is president now. Or will be, soon. Some people are happy about this political abomination, while others have been passionately expressing their distaste of the Pumpkin King Overlord. Whichever side of the coin you’re on, expressing your thoughts as a normie over social media is the best way to remind all of your loved ones that literally no one gives a shit about your political (or tbh, any) opinions. So what do we do? We write scathing Facebook posts passive aggressively pointed to our friends writing scathing Facebook posts for the other side. Everyone involved gets wrecked by unfollows, we feel almost important for an hour, and then we move on. I mean, it’s not like Hillary is ever going to hear you say she’s a criminal or Trump will know you called him a glorified Cheeto, right?

Except, of course, if you’re motherfucking Nicki Minaj. When we all side-eyed Miley for humping stuffed animals, Nicki stared that bitch down in front of an audience. Where we have group chats cutting down the guys that tried to get it in but failed miserably, Nicki just raps about how she friend zoned them… then makes them star in a video depicting them getting friend zoned. But maybe that’s just because Drake was too heartbroken to stand up for himself.

In order to keep consistent with her history of being the clapback Queen, in Nicki’s newest hit, she takes on the entire world. The song is a remix of the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd. You know all those videos on your timelines of people failing at staying still for a full 30 seconds? You probably made one, too, because of course you did. That is the song that accompanies those “challenge” videos.

The remix, dubbed “Black Barbie”, touches on the sensitive topics that have been discussed seemingly more than ever in the wake of Trump’s election. Her lyrics address the exploitation of women, inadequate sexual health care for women, a nod to the “Black is Beautiful” movement, Trump’s immigration policies, and just some good old fashioned call out of her haters. It seems as if no one was safe, as Nicki referenced quite a few of her fellow rappers for questionable behavior. Like, really Fetty? You didn’t know Masika, the mother of your child? Only one person gets to play the “I don’t know her” card, and you’re not her, Mr. Wap.

Nicki is no stranger to promoting body positivity. She did what Megan Trainor tried to do for curvy girls, except she did it without annoying the shit out of everyone within earshot of a radio. She has also fought hard for women of color to have equality in society’s beauty standard. So in terms of “Black Barbie” she has already slayed hard, especially because she literally does have a barbie modeled after her.

Her stance on Trump, however, is obviously a little newer. Nicki wasn’t born in the U.S. herself, but she has been here since she was five years old. She was raised in the same city as the President Elect, Queens, and she appears to reference her connections to him throughout the song. From the straight forward lines such as “Island girl, Trump want me to go home” and “now I’m prayin’ all my foreigns don’t get deported,” to more subtle references about domestic violence and buying power, she proves that she’s never one to back down from her beliefs.

So, uh, Yeezy Minaj 2020 or nah?

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