“Pretty Little Liars” Is Going To End After Season 7

Pretty Little Liars opening

It’s official. “Pretty Little Liars” will end after its seventh season.

What a bittersweet day for the “Pretty Little Liars” universe. We have all been sucked in, spit out, buried with Bethany, stuck in Radley with Spencer, rooting for Ezria, Emison, Haleb, etc., and trying to figure out who the hell A is for SEVEN YEARS.

Now, before you keep going — spoilers, okay? There are spoilers. But honestly, if you aren’t up to date with the series, I don’t even want to know you.

There have been uncountable ups and downs, highs and lows, and although the “PLL” die-hard in me is heartbroken, I cannot wait for this series to end. How many countless nights have we spent trying to come up with conspiracy theories as to who “A” is, why “A” is doing what they’re doing, and how many different characters will actually become “A?” The show has changed direction so many times, I actually forget pretty regularly all the people who have been “A” at one point.

As of now, all signs lead to Noel Kahn being this season’s “A.” I say “this season’s A” because it seems “A” is on a 9-5 rotation. Sometimes it’s Mona, sometimes its CeCe Drake/Charles, and there are multiple ties to Jenna and Sara Harvey.

I’m sure the “Pretty Little Liars” fanatics are ready for some solid answers to end the show, but we are also truly devastated over our loss. What are we supposed to do now on Tuesday nights? What can we look forward to if we will no longer have the all-day PLL marathons that come on at the beginning and end of each new season? How can we obsess over Aria and Ezra’s love story because we don’t have our own?

Although it is confirmed “Pretty Little Liars” is ending, E! points out that the cast keeps using one phrase that is keeping us on our toes.

“It is the end of PLL, as you know it,” said Lucy Hale.

The end, as we know it. Whatever that means. The second half of season seven will premiere in April of 2017, so you still have time to figure out which character you and your friends are for that week. I’m Aria. Always Aria. Just please for the love of all things “PLL”, can the real A please stand up?

[via E!]

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