Pretty Soon We Won’t Need Condoms To Stop STIs


I’ve been getting regularly dicked down for the past half decade now, so I’ve gone through my fair share of birth controls. Some I hated and some I loved, and all of them have more or less gotten the job done in that they typically kept my oven bunless. However, no matter how consistent I was taking my pill at the same time every day, I used a condom with every single guy who didn’t call me his girlfriend.

But all of that is about to change, sort of. While you can’t have full contact with any potentially diseased dick you meet on a night out, this nifty new device can help reduce the contraction of HIV (but not that new form of gonorrhea that doesn’t give a fuck about your antibiotics).

I don’t pretend to even begin to understand science, but from what I gathered, the dapivirine ring is a glorified rubber band you shove up your vagina that slowly releases medicine that helps reduce the contraction of HIV by 56 percent. And, as long as you stay on top of changing it every month, you coochie will be gucci.

For me personally this isn’t that practical, seeing as it doesn’t stop the contraction of any other STD, but at least I wouldn’t get AIDs, so that’s nice. However, in places such as Africa, where HIV is an epidemic, this is revolutionary.

And as of now, the dapivirine ring has shown some pretty remarkable results. 27 percent fewer of the 2,600 Zimbabwean studied contracted the virus. The studied also stated the reduction rates increased after the age of the 25 because the women were more responsible. The other study, done on 2,000 South African women all between the ages of 21-45, found that contraction rates were reduced by 31 percent.

Sure, those numbers aren’t exactly great, but they sure are better than nothing. I can’t wait until those numbers go up, and women across the globe are better protected. Plus think about it, birth control and STD prevention all in one, that’s the world I want to live in. God, you gotta love science.

[via Elite Daily]

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