Remy Ma Is Still Trying To Start Shit With Nicki Minaj

Remy Ma Is Still Trying To Start Shit With Nicki Minaj

Well ladies, the feud of the decade is still going strong between Rap Queen Nicki Minaj and Has-Been Remy Ma. If you are asking yourself who the hell Remy Ma is, that’s probably because while Nicki was blasting us with bangers year in and year out, she was serving time for shooting her friend. You read that correctly. Homegirl fucking shot her friend. Like, I feel like a bad bitch when I purposely don’t like a girl’s Instagram.

Anyway, this fight seemed to be a little one-sided for the past few years. Which, if we’re being honest, is a little embarrassing for Ma. Not only did Nicki basically win by becoming an international star, she did so while Ma was finding out the hard way that prison isn’t nearly as fun (or as sexy) as Ruby Rose led us to believe in Orange is the New Black. The only thing worse than losing a fight is losing a fight to someone who literally isn’t fighting. It’s like when you tell anyone who will listen that he was just trying to get your attention by taking that bitch to formal, and then you find out that he legitimately just liked the girl. It wasn’t to get back at you, it had nothing to do with you, and he didn’t even care enough to piss you off. Ouch.

Well now Nicki has finally acknowledged Ma’s desperate attempts to get her attention, and like, run Ma. The deep dark corners of the Internet have already started lobbying for their favorite, and most of us are sane and able to see that Nicki has a clear hold on America’s heart. She’s beautiful, she’s talented, and she still has no problem standing up for herself. Ma… well, Ma is the definition of a ratchet. Sure, maybe there was a more mature way to address a problem than calling out Miley Cyrus on live TV. But again, Ma fucking shot someone.

If you went through recruitment with them, and neither of them got their top house, they would handle it very differently. Nicki would proudly take her second choice and help bring that house up to top tier. She would hold a position, she would improve relations with the cutest fraternities, and she would make the best of it. Ma would cry, sulk, and report her top pick for being biased.

Part of me wishes that Nicki would keep being silent. Her minimal response has caused Ma to get more attention than she has in the past decade, and it should have stayed that way. I totally understand how you can only ignore someone’s bitchy comment for so long, however, and my only hope is that this end in a blow out. A diss track seems to be too small at this point, but maybe I just live too much for the drama. Or, you know, some proof that they were actually lovers. Either way, pull out the popcorn and settle in. We need to have something to entertain us now that the Bachelor is coming to an end.

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