Ryan Reynolds And Andrew Garfield Made Out Last Night

There is no denying that Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield are two of the hottest guys in Hollywood right now… and they obviously think so too. For all of you who live in the weirdest depths of the internet *cough*fanfictions*cough,* the embodiments of Deadpool and Spidey have made your (pornographic) dreams come true.

After Ryan Gosling (yet another hottie to add into this mix) won the award for “Best Actor,” for his film La La Land, over Ryan Reynolds, Reynolds turned to Garfield, who was sitting beside him, and kissed him. There are three options of why this probably happened:

(1) Using the logic of drunk girls in the club who desperately are trying to get a guy’s attention, Reynolds tried to turn the attention away from Gosling and his prestigious award with the only way that he could think of. While the logical thing for him to do would be to turn to his gorgeous wife, Blake Lively, for comfort; I’m assuming that, at this point, the world is sick of seeing the couple that is so perfect they’re sickening.

(2) Garfield was so annoyed that his ex-girlfriend, Emma Stone, and the cast of La La Land were clearly stealing the show that he too needed an excuse to get the cameras back on himself. Who hasn’t felt a bit disgruntled when their ex got better, hotter and more successful after you broke up? Since Garfield couldn’t get the cameras on him through talent, he instead chose the … easier way to get them.

(3) Both men had been taking advantage of the free alcohol to deal with the success of La La Land. After drinking a bit too much, they realized that they were both into each other (and who can blame them!) and just took advantage of the situation that presented itself when the two of them were seated beside each other.

While the third option may be a bit of the stretch, there’s a pretty good chance that the two men just wanted to steal the attention away from Gosling and the rest of the cast of La La Land. While I’ll be the first one to admit that I am all for being the center of attention, these two took it to a whole new, fame-whoreing extreme. I’m not mad about it. Just confused.

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