Shia LaBeouf Talking About His Arrest Is, Simply Put, Incredible

Gone are the days that our little Louis Stevens is terrorizing his big sister Ren with his disgusting little friend Beans. No, Shia LeBeouf (impossible to spell without looking up) is on to bigger and better things. He's recently taken to terrorizing a showing of Cabaret -- fucking Cabaret -- and I can't imagine his telling of the tale being any more magical. Shia appeared last night on Jimmy Kimmel, with a full on bushy vagina for a beard and gave, perhaps his best performance yet. Much better than the time he made that movie exposing his LaBoner, and much better than the time he wore a paper bag over his head informing fans that he was "not famous any more." Drunkenly-got-arrested-watching-cabaret Shia LeBeouf is undoubtedly my favorite Shia LeBeouf.

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