Sigma Kappa Nationals Bans Members From Throwing What They Know

Sigma Kappa Nationals Bans Members From Throwing What They Know

At the beginning of this year, Kappa Kappa Gamma got the heart-breaking news that their hand sign, something they held close to their hearts, was being OUTLAWED by nationals. There was outrage. There was uproar. And then there were tears. The sorority was barely able to move on.

Now, Sigma Kappa joins Kappa’s ranks among the signless. A tipster informs TSM:

The PC Police strike again. Sigma Kappa National Headquarters has just released a statement requesting that sisters no longer use our hand sign (currently a heart with wings) because it is somehow related to a gang. Instead, they would like us to simply sign a heart. As of yet there are no disciplinary consequences for using the current sign, however NHQ will not post any pictures in which girls are using the current sign, and individual chapters are no longer permitted to post such pictures on social media.

Sigma Kappa Nationals has not yet posted the official statement on its national website, social media outlets, or its blog, but the message is being spread verbally or via email from nationals, to leadership consultants, to individual chapters.

Use This, Not That

It reads:

National council has noticed an increase in the number of pictures submitted where members are making various signs with their hands signifying hearts, doves, triangles, etc. Although Sigma Kappa does not have an official hand sign, there are several organizations that do have hand signs that are not only official for those groups, but have ritual significance to them. If your chapter uses a hand sign, please avoid using the sign that makes a heart with the thumb and index fingers and then ‘wings’ with the other fingers, as that is not an official sign of an NPHC organization. Sigma Kappa will only publish pictures of hands making a heart.

Needless to say, the masses are not pleased. Particularly because signing a heart is something that anyone can do. Like, my best friends and I did that in fourth grade. It’s no better than standing in a circle with five friends and making a star with your fingers. It’s so basic. And while, yes, a heart is one of Sigma Kappa’s national symbols, it’s also the national symbol of literally every premenstrual girl on planet Earth.

The former hand symbol bears some resemblance to Zeta’s five-point crown, and ASA’s four-point crown (sometimes a five-point crown), but I can’t imagine there is actual confusion between a heart with wings and gang violence. What kind of soft-ass thugs are putting a heart in their gang sign? Aren’t they embarrassed in front of the other gangs? Do their mommies kiss them when they drop them off for drug deals by the concrete basketball court? Puh-lease.

Editor’s note: The potential confusion for a gang symbol was relayed to some chapters by a district leader in an email containing the original statement, and is not related to the NPHC sorority. The resemblance to the NPHC sorority is a separate concern from the possible gang confusion.

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