6 Sorority Secrets We Don’t Want The World To Know About


The world has always been confused and intrigued by Greek Life. But as many movies and “unveiling what’s really going on in sorority/fraternity” type pieces of journalism prove time and time again, is that unless you’ve been a part of it, you really don’t know.

We get stuck in our sorority bubble, and forget that some of the things we find so routine, don’t seem so normal to everyone else. Like door stacking. The internet found out about door stacking and ripped it to shreds. But I get it. You guys, that’s a weird thing we do. But what if…the world found out about our other deep dark secrets? Would they be able to handle the truth that is the dark reality of sororities? I’m not sure, but I’m willing to find out.

Embrace yourself, world. Here are the raw, unfiltered secrets of being in a sorority.

1. Once a week we have very secret meetings.

Yes, once a week we meet up to discuss secret things that must never leave the room. We call these meetings “chapter.” We all pack into one huge room, make sure to close the door, and once we know no one can listen we talk about all the scandalous things we would never want the media to hear about. These are some of the topics you could expect from a chapter meeting. Brace yourself. Possible themes for upcoming mixers. Important dates to mark in your calendars. Study hours.

2. Before you join you get stalked.

Before you join a sorority you become the victim of stalking. The members of the sorority will look through your social media. The scariest part? You might not even know it. The stalking is so advanced that they don’t follow you. Not even an accidental double tap. Watch out.

3. There’s an initiation process with rituals.

What a lot of movies and TV shows do get correct about sororities, is that we do have an initiation. And yes, there are rituals. Similar to ancient societies, we too pass down secret rituals that must stay within the sorority. Much like the Egyptians who had rituals like human sacrifices, we have things like secret passwords. And handshakes.

4. You’re branded.

Some girls, upon joining a sorority, are branded. It can be brutal. Personal brand is important, and shifting it is a long and painful process. Suddenly a member’s entire Instagram grid is full of sorority events and “throw what you knows”. A drastic brand change from prom and family vacations.

5. Your eating habits may change.

Another thing that sorority movies and TV shows get right is that your diet might change. The contents of a sorority house kitchen might surprise people. It is a lot of food. Sorority girls partake in a lot eating, especially junk food. New members will probably eat more than usual, especially during the big/little selection process. Making new friendships within your large network of sisters requires a lot of pizza, cookies, and Taco Bell.

6. You may feel required to look a certain way.

Members might feel pressure from the sorority to look a certain way. The sorority even offers members the option to pay for clothes they provide. It’s true. Sororities offer members t-shirts. On most campuses everywhere, you will see sorority girls trying to fit into the high beauty standard of oversized sorority t-shirts and athletic shorts. How could anyone keep up with such a standard? Exhausting.

Sororities are scary. Join at your own risk.

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