Stop Healthy-Shaming Me


Look, I get it — we’re in college. This is the age where we can go out for pizza whenever the craving hits and drunk-eat our way through a fridge full of leftovers and it’s okay. In fact, it’s celebrated. We’re under a lot of stress, so why not indulge? Going out for nachos and margs is a great social activity and lying in bed all day is obviously more appealing than getting your ass to the gym when you’re hungover, but for some, it’s not. And in the same way that you’re either Team Taylor or Team Kanye, you can be Team Health-Conscious or Team IDGAF. There are different strokes for different folks, so all I’m saying is this: If we’re out to eat and I order a salad, STOP giving me shit.

Somewhere down the line, I made a conscious decision to make a lifestyle change, and you know what? It stuck. I take pride in going out for frequent runs because they make me feel great. If I have the option to have a big ass donut or a bowl of yogurt for breakfast, I’ll most likely choose the yogurt. I’ll choose a vodka soda over beer any day because that’s just how I am. None of this means I am incapable of plowing through a pint of ice cream after an unsuccessful relationship because I can tell you I most certainly am.

In society today, it has become funny, cool and hot (?) to be the girl that can shove a hot dog down her throat (literally speaking) at a baseball game. And if you post a foodgram featuring a fat plate of pasta I can guarantee it’ll get more likes than a lentil gluten-free vegan burger on a bed of lettuce. It’s because it’s more relatable and appealing. But with this craze came the intolerance for anyone who chooses otherwise.

Cue the sarcastic comments like, “Wow, look at you! So healthy!”, “What are you, on a diet”? or my fav, “Oh, you’re gonna be THAT girl?” Yeah, I am. I am this way because it makes me feel better inside and out, because I like the way I look and SHOCKER I just don’t love junk food. What do you expect me to say in response and why must my behavior be justified?

So to the girls like me that feel this ridicule: don’t. People will say what they want, whether it’s out of their own insecurities or jealousy that they lack your self-control. Be proud of yourself, because 20 years down the line you’ll look at your hot MILF self in the mirror and want to flaunt your stuff all the way to your kid’s soccer game. And to those who DO love junk food and hate the treadmill, love yourself just as much as us. In fact, love yourself enough that you don’t feel the need to hate on the salad-eaters and green detox smoothies drinkers. Because the truth is, I would never give you shit for ordering the bacon cheeseburger because that’s what you’re in the mood for. There’s room for all of us around the table, no matter what preferences we have.

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