Stop Using Social Media To Play Victim — It’s Embarrassing


There are two types of people who air out their dirty laundry on social media. The people like me, who subtweet like it’s their job, and the weak ass bitches who play victim. I know being petty is glorifying bad behavior, but I would rather be a bitch than a pussy any day of the week. For awhile, everyone on our feeds also started to adopt that mentality. Maybe they didn’t have the ovaries to actually confront the people who were bugging them, but they at least could fire off a “I just think it’s funny how you need to steal someone’s fam idea just because you’re not creative enough to think of one yourself” tweet.

Then there are the girls who act like they’re fucking Taylor Swift who cries in her room alone asking God why no one likes her when she’s done literally nothing wrong. Well, if you’ve posted anything along the lines of “it takes strength to forgive the people who never said they’re sorry,” “I gave everything, he only gave me what was convenient” or my personal favorite, “fake friends bring you down for no reason *insert inspiration here*,” then it’s time to buck the fuck up, Buttercup. This is for you.

Do you remember back in middle school/early high school when girls loved to post those cringeworthy “if he can’t accept me at my worst than he doesn’t deserve me at my best” sayings? Well this is just as bad. Because just like back then, no one is reading that and agreeing with you. Maybe your best friend, because she had to, but literally everyone else just kind of agreed that you’re psycho. Have you seen you at your worst? Jesus wouldn’t accept you at your worst, homie. And, if we’re being honest, your best isn’t that much better. No one is shaming him for deuce-ing out of that situation. We’re all cheering for him to run faster.

But now the trend has skewed to not even acknowledging our own faults at all. Instead, girls will go on and on about how they were the perfect girlfriend, and how it just wasn’t enough. They’ll spin the picture to be all about how she was willing to move mountains for him, and he wasn’t putting in the same effort. Which, again, is fucking insane. You were willing to do all of these things not because you were just the World’s Greatest Girlfriend, you wanted to do those things because you needed constant validation. He wasn’t an asshole for not texting you back within in five minutes. He just has a life.

Even more disturbing are the people who then turn that same obsessive girlfriend tendencies to their friends or “ex-friends.” Instead of being normal and talking shit, they need the world to know that this girl was the sole problem. Because, like, sometimes you just give everything you can into a friendship, and they just walk away for no reason. You were amazing. You did nothing wrong. She was problem. I mean, according to you.

The other side of the story was that you were a sketchy skank who tried to sleep with her boyfriend, talked shit behind her back, and were just generally a raging bitch. But you’re just going to leave that part out of your narrative. Good plan. Rack in those sympathy likes.

Do you honestly believe people believe you? Do you honestly think people are reading this and feeling for your pure, angel soul? Because they aren’t. You just look delusional and annoying. Like clearly you’re crazy enough to put your feelings out to the world to see, and you can’t even make it entertaining? People aren’t reading your online diary because they are interested in your thoughts. They’re reading it for the drama that is the trainwreck of your life. Do you think Jerry Springer would have ever been popular if it was just some girl having a pity party, crying about how she didn’t deserve this? No. Stop it.

Not only is it annoying, it’s pathetic. There are many, many negative feelings people can have about you, but I sincerely think pity is the worst. You have to have nothing good going for you at all if you feel the need to reach out looking for pity. Of course there are some situations that require you needing a shoulder to cry on. In those cases, by all means ask for help and empathy.

However, if in your everyday life you need someone to feel bad for you, that’s really embarrassing. If your friend steals your boyfriend call her a slut, call her a downgrade, and be angry. I had a friend who would get jealous of the amount of attention I would get from my male friends and instead of trying to be more appealing, she would just straight up complain to them about how they paid more attention to me because I was prettier. Sure they started to make more of an effort with her, but not because she put in effort to be more appealing, interesting, or pretty. They literally only did it because they felt sorry for her.

So even if your social media blasts work, even if you get the attention and sympathy that you were hoping to get from it, why would you want that?

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