Tampon Nail Art Is The Newest Way To Ensure People Hate Feminists

Tampon Nail Art Is The Newest Way To Ensure People Hate Feminists

Back when Hillary was running for Pres (#TBT), proving you were a feminist was super easy. All you had to do was throw on a Nasty Woman tee, share a couple of articles on Facebook, and everyone knew where you stood. Unfortunately, today, things have become a little more murky. Sure, you can decide to free the nipple on Instagram, but who can tell if you’re doing it to show you’re true feminist nature or just doing it for the likes? In the absence of women’s marches and political campaigns, how can the general public tell where you fall on women’s issues? Thankfully, tampon nail art is here to come to the rescue.

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That’s right. Instagram user and conceptual artist Annelies Hofmeyr just came up with the trend of the summer – tampon nail art. Before you start breaking out your sweater nails, use this summer to rep your period on your nails. Somehow Hofmeyr has been the only person to notice that our nails are naturally shaped like tampons (seriously, how did we miss this?) and decorated them accordingly, strings and all. Honestly, I kind of dig it.

Ok, so they may not be the most practical. How you expect to navigate a computer keyboard or your partner’s genitalia with those strings is beyond me — but working hard at your job or living a liberated sex life isn’t what feminism is about. It’s about making sure everyone knows you’re a feminist on social media. So just because your work life, sex life, and life life might become difficult doesn’t mean I wouldn’t still do it for the ‘gram. If you’re looking for inspo for your next nail appointment or just want to remind everyone to watch out on your favorite three to five days of the month, consider bringing this to your beautician to recreate. Mark my words – tampon nail art is about to become the trend of the summer, and unlike with your unicorn fraps, you’re going to want to be the first on your social media feed to post about this, so book your nail appointments ASAP.

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