Taylor Swift Finally Breaks Her Internet Silence

Taylor Swift

I like to think that every social media platform has its proper place. Snapchat is for drunken photos, Twitter is for bitchy comments, and Facebook is for politics and other irrelevant topics that your semi-racist uncle feels the need to discuss. Instagram, however, is reserved for carefully edited photos that highlight the best and most basic parts of our lives. Until now, at least. If you’ve wandered on over to Insta in the past 24 hours, you’ll have noticed an annoying new change. And who was one of the first to take advantage of this pointless new feature? None other than Taylor Swift.

Swift, who has taken a much-appreciated social media hiatus ever since her feud with the Kardashian-Wests, posted a video of her cat, Olivia Benson. The cat, which is objectively ugly to begin with, is basically acting like the only animal more annoying than an actual cat — a squirrel. Except not really, because it’s a fucking cat and doesn’t know how to pretend to be a squirrel.

I’m disappointed. I’ve been clinging to a shred of hope that Taylor will redeem herself, but this video let me down. She could have done so many other posts to make her grand entrance back onto social media. A concert, a photo of her mansion, a picture with her girl squad, or even a damn selfie would have been better than a video of her annoying excuse for a cat.

The worst part? I can’t escape this. I exclusively followed her Instagram because of the boss-ass pictures she posted with her celebrity friends, mindlessly allowing me to imagine that I was one of them. But this may be a breaking point. All the 1989 tour photos in the world can’t undo the pain caused by watching Olivia Benson creepily crawl around my screen. Instagram isn’t for reality, it’s for fantasy. So, Instagram, I hope you’re happy. Taylor Swift can now add me to her long list of ex-lovers.

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