A New T-Swift Song May Have Leaked And We Are All Freaking Out

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Whether you love or hate Taylor Swift one thing is undeniable: we are all paying attention to her. Personally, I believe this whole Tom Hiddleston nonsense was created by their publicists in order to incite fan-girl jealousy, but hey that’s just me. Whatever the reason, it all worked. And it appears that Taylor Swift may have leaked a new song recently. The only proof we have is Snapchat, which can be mediocre at best. But let’s not forget that trusty old Snapchat revealed the legendary Kimye/TayTay fight to begin with, so it may be more reliable than I am giving it credit.

But over the weekend, Taylor’s good friend, Kelsea Ballerini, posted a Snap with some music playing in the background and it might just be a new song. The lyrics from the unknown voice go as follows:

We didn’t know it / thought we could grow it / beautiful for a moment / we were roses.

Which, let’s be real, sounds totally like a T-Swift lyric. All romanticized and flower and oh, surprise, about a relationship. Tom, mayhaps? The voice does indeed sound like Taylor and the whole internet seems to agree. Apparently, Taylor uses the phrase “beautiful for a moment” on her Instagram which also appears to be a lyric in this mysterious ballad. Twitter has its best investigators on it, fans piecing together different parts of the song in an attempt to connect it with Taylor’s life. After all, she is post-breakup. But all we can do is sit and wait to see if this song is really hers. Fingers crossed.

[via Elite Daily]

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