The 14 Best “Kylie Had Her Baby” Tweets You Wish You Would Have Thought Of

The 14 Best "Kylie Had Her Baby" Tweets You Wish You Would Have Thought Of

By this point, you should know: Kylie had her baby. On February 1st, after a lonnnng nine months of speculation, the youngest of the OG Kardashian-Jenner clan gave birth to a baby girl. I mean, sure. We knew she got knocked up months ago, but the lack of confirmation made us uneasy. Why was she hiding? Why weren’t we getting a front row seat? What the fuck was going on?

Yesterday, as in the day the entire world was making nachos and getting ready to (pretend to) watch football, Kylie made the announcement of all announcements.


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Anyway, somehow some way, the royal family managed to make the most masculine day of the year 1000 percent about themselves, and for that, the internet went fucking wild. As the news of the baby dropped like an album, Twitter went into its usual frenzy and did what it does best: Say what we were all thinking in 280 characters or less. Behold, the best Kylie/Kris/Kardashian/Jenner tweets that we all should have come up with.

And just in case you went temporarily blind yesterday and didn’t get to see the video that’s changing the pregnancy game, here’s a peek at Kylie’s casual baby documentary that has close to 26 MILLION views on YouTube. Baby’s already getting the kind of ratings the family has grown accustomed to. Our Lord and savior Kris Jenner knows what she’s doing.

Putting money on that fact that there’s going to be an influx of 20-year-olds getting their IUDs removed today. Happy basically-teen-pregnancy, everyone!

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