The 15 Best Sorority Recruitment Videos Of 2015

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2015 was the year of recruitment videos. From getting negative media attention, to the media actually realizing that we make recruitment videos, the game was changed. Gone are the days of bad quality video clips and blurry photos. Now recruitment videos look like GoPro ads, and are sure to make you laugh, cry, or at least be really, really jealous. And so, with the on pour of submissions we have received this year, we have selected the top 15 recruitment videos of 2015. Watch, envy, and get it together for next year. It turns out, it isn’t just PNMs watching anymore. It’s everyone.

1. Indiana University — Chi Omega

2. University of Washington — Alpha Delta Pi

3. Arizona State University — Pi Beta Phi

4. Indiana University — Alpha Phi

5. Texas A&M — Gamma Phi Beta

6. Ohio State University — Alpha Gamma

7. Virginia Tech — Delta Gamma

8. University of Southern California — Alpha Gamma Delta

9. Indiana University — Pi Beta Phi

10. Syracuse University — Delta Delta Delta

11. UC Berkeley — Alpha Phi

12. Indiana University — Delta Delta Delta

13. George Washington University — Alpha Epsilon Phi

14. New York University — Delta Phi Epsilon

15. University of Iowa — Alpha Phi

Less glitter and more pizza in 2016, deal?

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