The Hardest Job In A Sorority Is T-Shirt Chair

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Before girls join a sorority, they have a ton of questions. Is this a huge time commitment? What if I don’t get along with the girls? How do I pick a big? All of these are valid questions. But the biggest question of all would probably be what is the hardest part about being in a sorority? What is going to be the most stressful part of joining a sisterhood? The answer, my sweet, beautiful, naive friends, is not what you would expect. The hardest part about being in a sorority is getting everyone to agree on a t shirt design.

It’s human nature for people to disagree. Even going out to dinner can be a struggle. Everyone is in the mood for something else, and someone ends up caving and not getting what they want. But the next time they go out to eat, maybe that friend is allowed to pick the restaurant. One friend will find that hippie guy cute, but the other be repulsed by his long hair. We all have different tastes. Now imagine how any different tastes over 100 women can have. At least 5. When all of these different minds are put together, it can either contribute towards creative greatness, or turn the chapter into female fight club.

And you know who has to be the referee for this all out bitch brawl? The t-shirt chair. She spends hours researching not only what should be on the t-shirt, but the style, material, and colors that would not only capture the identity of the sorority, but also best represent the event that the t-shirt is promoting. They do their best with Facebook polls and inviting sisters to help them come up with ideas, but in the end, she still has girls texting her about the most minuscule details. The shirt is too short. The shirt is too long. The lettering is too manly. The lettering is too girly. The color is too yellow when it should be more of a dandelion. It’s never ending.

Not only does she receive scrutiny from her chapter, she also has to deal with getting it approved by Nationals. As you could imagine, your chapter’s shirts for your recruitment practice is not on the top of their list of priorities. It takes entirely too long for them to look at the shirt and decide that it is suitable to be worn, even though there is literally nothing that could be confused for something inappropriate.

Then she has to get everyone’s size, and only half of the chapter actually checks their email, and an even smaller portion actually fill out the GoogleDoc. Once she makes up the rest of the sizes based off of what she thinks everyone wants, she then has to contact the t-shirt making company and order the shirts, and have them be delivered to her house. The giant box takes up most of her living room until she can finally distribute them, which is never soon enough according to the chapter. Once lugging the 3 ton box of shirts to whatever meeting place that has been deciding, it is inevitable that someone gets the wrong size. At which point, it is the t-shirt chair’s job to get that shit figured out, which almost exclusively ends in a cold case.

So next time a poll is posted on Facebook and there is a string of comments about the t-shirts, be cautious when you leave a suggestion. You are only making the t-shirt chair’s job harder, and you don’t want to mess with her. She has the power to give you all fugly shirts. And everyone knows you join a sorority for the shirts.

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