The “Hot Felon” Is Still Hot, World Rejoices


Sometimes I can’t help but support my own dumb stereotype. After all, stereotypes are there for a reason. But one a lot of girls get a particularly large amount of backlash for is liking the bad boy. The mysterious, dangerous, thrill seeker who we can’t tame. It lets us tap into our own wild side without fully committing to the ratchet way of life. When we date, or most likely sleep with and then obsess over, the guy who our parents don’t approve of, we get to experience all the taboo things we never indulged in before. Plus try telling me that seeing Danny Zuko wearing that letterman’s jacket didn’t kill it for you.

But when does it go too far? Skipping class isn’t a big deal. Maybe you witnessed him do something that made the steamy hot protective shield show an unattractive possessive core. Or maybe he’s just flat out a felon. You wouldn’t let some guy who has has been convicted ravish you would you? Or did you forget when the entire nation went batshit insane over “Hot Felon” AKA Jeremy Meek.

And now that he’s signed to a label and is starting to post pictures, it’s easy to see that yes, he’s still got a face to sit on.

This is his original mugshot:

And this is him now:

A photo posted by JEREMY MEEKS (@jmeeksofficial) on

A photo posted by JEREMY MEEKS (@jmeeksofficial) on

He served time, but time sure did serve him well. There’s not much I wouldn’t let him get away with while gazing into those beautiful, baby-blue eyes. After he gets done with house arrest, that is.

[via Mashable]

Image via Instagram

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