The Terrible Kisser From “Love At First Kiss” Is Now Engaged

Let this be a lesson to all of us to never underestimate the underdog, because they usually end up being our rich bosses and having their happily ever after way before we even kiss the frogs or get a 401k.

Remember Josh from TLC’s “Love At First Kiss”? He had never kissed a girl before, never had a girlfriend, and we watched his painful attempts of trying to get some action, and the images of the awkwardness are burned in our brain. TLC even sent him to a kissing coach, because after the first two disasters, we were all sucked in, rooting for Josh to find his way and eventually learn to close his eyes when he’s trying to kiss a girl.

The third time must have been the charm, because Josh because ended up proposing to his last kiss/first real make out with Roxanne, giving us all a new sense of restored hope that love is alive and real.

Wow. We’ve been doing it ALL WRONG. Who needs dating to find your soulmate? Who needs to waste hours on getting to know someone’s personality, moral boundaries, beliefs, etc.? I’ve always believed getting to know someone is physically and mentally exhausting, so thanks TLC for giving me an alternative way to find a husband. All we need to do is go around grabbing people’s faces and kissing strangers. If it can work for Josh, it can work for anyone.

[via People]

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