#TheDress Is Happening Again, And The Internet Needs To Know: What Color Is This Shoe?

Remember in kindergarten when colors were drilled so deep into your brain that you never once questioned, “What is this color?” Yeah, you do. Remember #TheDress that made you question literally everything you ever thought you knew in this world? Yeah, you remember that too. Welp, brace yourselves and riddle me this: which nail polish goes best with this shoe?


I mean, is it pink? Is it purple? Is that even a real color? Why do you own those shoes? Is that OPI or China Glaze? And don’t tell me that doesn’t matter because it does. The internet is quite literally blowing up over this because we, as a society, are the worst.

You would think I would find some solace in the fact that, at least this time around, I can see BOTH colors, but instead it’s just making me wonder if I truly even know pink from purple. All I really know is that #TheShoe in question is going to be hideous regardless of which nail polish you wear.

Which Polish Matches The Shoe Best?

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[via Buzzfeed]

Image via Twitter / @totallymendes

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