There Are Only Seven Types Of Boobs — Which Type Do You Have?

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Boobs are great. They’re arguably the best thing about being a girl. Sure, we bleed for seven days once a month and eventually we’re expected to push an alien out of one of the smallest holes in our bodies, but we have these nice squishy balls of fat on our chest to play with occasionally, so that’s cool. Some are big and some are small, but there are only seven types of boobs out there.

1. Bell Shape

These are boobs that are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom. Sure, they look a little saggy, but Instagram model Lindsey Pelas has these types of boobs and if she can rock it, so can you.
bell shape

2. Asymmetrical

This might be the worst shape out of the seven purely because of how annoying it is to have one boob bigger than the other. Everyone’s boobs have some level of asymmetry to them, but if one boob is a whole cup size bigger than the other, you probably have asymmetrical boobs. Sorry bout it.

3. Slender

If you have this type of boobs, you have thin breasts with nipples pointing downward. All my A cup ladies, where you at?

4. Teardrop

Teardrop boobs are round and slightly less full at the top. Just your basic, average boobs.

5. Side Set

Side set boobs have a “wide space between breasts,” which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you have this type of boobs, just get yourself a pushup bra and watch that space between your boobs get smaller.
side set

6. East-West

If your nipples point outward, like they’re trying to run away from each other, you have East-West boobs.
east west

7. Round

The boob shape we all want, but few of us have. Round boobs are “equally full at the top and bottom,” so basically boobs that defy gravity. They’re big and big everywhere. If you have these boobs, just know that everyone hates you and is incredibly jealous of your perfect rack.

No matter what size or shape your boobs are, take comfort in knowing that you can always change them if you don’t like the way they look. Round boobs, I’m coming for you.

[via Third Love]

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