There’s A Clown With A Chainsaw Wandering Around Texas State


Dressing up as a clown and scaring people shitless is the new trend this Halloween for sickos. If you are attempting to terrify innocent people and aren’t clothed as a clown, you should take your demented ass back to 2015, or the Stone Age for that matter. You’re considered so out of the loop because apparently, clowns are the new Michael Myers or Chucky. Like, fuck Freddy Krueger. Who needs him anyway? He’s so yesterday.

On the other hand, those of us who are sane human beings consider this clownmania to absolutely bat shit crazy. Whoever started this craze needs to check into an insane asylum ASAP. And honestly, it’s getting pretty old. Like yeah. It’s petrifying to spot a clown that looks like he crawled up from hell just hanging out with a smirk that would scare a priest who has prepared an exorcism before, and then watch that clown start charging after you. That’s weird and nerve-racking on so many levels.

What’s probably the most disturbing about all of this, though, is that these clowns are traveling and it seems as if they are trying to show up other clowns by doing things so extreme that the other clowns can’t even compare. It’s as if they are competing to be the scariest. Plenty of clown sightings, chasings, and small weapons involved have been announced in the news. But one clown just took it upon himself to take this fright fest where no other clown has gone before, at least that we know of. A clown has been reported near San Marcos apartments with a fucking CHAINSAW. The apartment complex, Sanctuary Lofts, is swarming with security and police officers ever since someone reported seeing a clown trying to (hopefully pretend) reenact “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Tuesday evening.

An email that was sent out by the apartment complex management notified the residents that (luckily) nobody was harmed. The San Marcos Police Department is now left to handle the investigation and hopefully take down this deranged clown. The residents now have been urged to look through the peepholes of their doors before opening it.

To add to the insanity, Texas State students are already distressed because on Monday someone in a clown costume outside of the university complex Bobcat Village assaulted a student. It’s possible that this atrocious clown fad has gone a little too far, but that’s just my opinion. #StopTheClowns2016

[via Statesman]

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