This Chi Omega At The University Of Utah Looks EXACTLY Like Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

You know what I always thought would be a lethal combo? If Taylor Swift was in a sorority. I mean, a girl who looks like that, with that talent? Come on. We would all just have to give up. But it didn’t matter, because we were safe. Taylor couldn’t rush. Taylor couldn’t join Greek life. Taylor couldn’t be one of us. She was an adult. A celebrity. She missed her chance.

But then I got a random comment from a random girl on a random picture of mine on Instagram, and I almost had a heart-attack. Because Taylor effing Swift was contacting me.

Except it wasn’t Tay. But it WAS a sorority girl who could literally be a clone of Taylor’s. Her name is Keitra. And she. will. blow. your. mind. The 6 foot tall junior at the University of Utah studies nursing and nutrition in addition to being a Chi Omega. She started getting told that she looked like Taylor Swift when she was in high school and it’s just kept getting bigger. When she went to Disney World little kids asked her for autographs (and parents asked her to play along). She gets recognized at the mall, and is constantly being asked to pose in Snapchat stories. BUT in addition to getting work, she also uses her look-alikeness for good. Keitra volunteers at a Children’s hospital, where she sings and plays with the patients. Total Taylor move, amiright?

A photo posted by Keitra Jane (@keitrajane) on

A photo posted by Keitra Jane (@keitrajane) on

A photo posted by Keitra Jane (@keitrajane) on

A photo posted by Keitra Jane (@keitrajane) on

A photo posted by Keitra Jane (@keitrajane) on

A photo posted by Keitra Jane (@keitrajane) on

A photo posted by Keitra Jane (@keitrajane) on

A photo posted by Keitra Jane (@keitrajane) on

RIGHT?! Insane. Since she’s started getting noticed, she’s gotten work in a music video as a “Taylor Swift doppelgänger.” She got the part not only because she looked like Taylor, but because the director thought she “was just uncoordinated enough” to represent the star.


It hasn’t been the easiest, however, to be a college student and look exactly like the most popular woman in the world. She gets a lot of hate, from people saying that she’s a “fatter” Taylor, or that she tries too hard. Having suffered from an eating disorder growing up, combined with how brutal the internet can be, it’s been hard for Keitra at times to look like the celeb. But she realizes that maybe with the platform she can do what she feels passion about.

My dream is to share my story with ED and to encourage others in their own battles. Even with young men and women who just struggle with body image. I’ve struggled from body dysmorphia since the age of 10, and didn’t seek help until last year. It’s difficult, and a journey I think a lot of people go through alone and they don’t know that there is help out there.

Since seeking help she has taken to baking, running, and adopting a cat (Cooper) as means of therapy. So basically we have a gorgeous, down-to-earth sorority girl who volunteers with sick kids, wants to help people with eating disorders, and is an all-around badass? I like her better already.

Image via Instagram / @keitrajane

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