This Girl Defending Her Pizza From Her Boyfriend Is A Hero

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I, like any other self-obsessed girl, love when my boyfriend takes pictures and videos of me. It’s like he’s immortalizing my beauty for the world to see. Or at least that’s what I pretend. But there are a few situations in which the camera needs to be done without exception. Those situations include: me eating, us having sex, or when my crazy comes out in full blast. Unfortunately, Twiiter user “dee breezy,” boyfriend of De’ja Davis, didn’t quite get that memo when he put his girlfriend on blast after posting a video of her freaking out over pizza.

After closely scrutinizing this situation, I have concluded that he is an asshole. Girls get shit on all the time for sneaking fries when we claim we weren’t hungry. I don’t pull that shit, if I’m hungry I’m getting myself my own food. I won’t touch yours, and I will actually cut you if you touch mine. But the thing I can’t get over is that she offered him food. She gave him an out. It wasn’t that he was hungry but didn’t have money, it wasn’t that he was desperate. No, he intentionally fucked up her day because he felt that he was entitled to a piece of her pizza after insisting he didn’t want any.

He went on to explain himself to Buzzfeed, claiming “In a relationship, you don’t have to ask. I wasn’t hungry until I saw the pizza.” Those be fighting words if I ever heard any. Because in a relationship, you always ask. That’s just being polite and a decent fucking human being. Because I don’t care if we’re 50 years old and married with children, if you don’t get your grubby little fingers off my plate it’s over.

This behavior is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. And I get it, girls act crazy too. Maybe she should not have turned a little bite into a full fledged argument, just like maybe I shouldn’t have keyed my ex’s car. But you can’t help what you do when your supposed to be significant other pushes you into that level of crazy. Let this be a lesson to boys ever: stay the fuck away from our pizza.

[via BuzzFeed]

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