This Girl Taking Off Her Makeup With Shaving Gel Is Straight Up Uncomfortable To Watch

This Girl Taking Off Her Makeup With Shaving Gel Is Straight Up Uncomfortable To Watch

Life hack: next time you’re at a guy’s house for a sleepover instead of either keeping your makeup on overnight, risking the chance that you might have raccoon eyes and smeared lipstick the next day (he’ll find you so attractive!) or simply using the good old-fashioned soap and water method, use his shaving gel! And you know, just pray he doesn’t walk in on you, because it will look really fucking strange.

Maria Yeager, who runs the beauty Instagram account @mariaybeauty decided to show her 89.7K followers this fun new trick when she used Gilette Fusion Shaving Gel to take off her full face of makeup. It is hard not to cringe as she wipes it over her eyes, especially considering that most shaving gels are not eye safe.

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Followers were quick to point out the flaws in her unique method. Some were worried about their skin, and, rightfully so. Unlike popular makeup removers, this shaving gel has no anti-acne or anti-dryness properties. One user wrote “I would NEVER put something that harms my skin, makes me break out, or over strip my skin and create excessive dryness on my face. Amazing makeup tho.” Snaps to her, for throwing a compliment in at the end, so that it didn’t entirely seem like she was calling Maria a dumb b*tch.

Others were quick to point out that there is no practical use for such a method. Another user ranted “Please ladies do not try what this idiot did, shaving gel is not meant for this! It can irritate ur skin n the dumbest thing u can do is put it on ur eyes, if any gets in it will be painful, plus that gel costs twice more that actual make up remover, u can buy make up removing wipes at the dollar store for crying out loud!”

If you can ignore her painful spelling of “u” (which I was sure people stopped doing straight out of middle school), you can see that she actually has a point. If you are desperate to take off your makeup, chances are, soap and water will be far more accessible to you than shaving gel. Instead of running the risk of a eye infection, or, even worse, acne, put down the gel.

Next time you’re planning on being away from your makeup wipes, do yourself a favor and do not try this trick. While the product is intended for a man’s face, and probably not quite as damaging to the skin as people are suggesting, it’s absolutely not designed to go on your eyes. You’re all smart girls. I’m sure that you can figure out a more conventional way to take off your face paint than this one.

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