Umbilical Cord Art Is A Trend Now Because Fuck Us, Right?

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I think being a woman is a beautiful thing. We get to have children and use our sexuality as a weapon and our tampon commercials always involve smiling people and flowers so yeah — I think it’s pretty cool. I mean, there are some shitty things (inequality, non-equal pay, the lack of maternity leave, sexism, the fact that people accuse us of using our sexuality as a weapon, the fact the women “can’t be funny”, periods, and the whole child-birthing process as a whole), but above all we get the have shiny hair and smell good and boys like us so yeah. Womanhood is beautiful.

You know what I don’t think is beautiful? Pushing a bloody sack of organs out of your body, plopping it on a canvass, and calling it “art.”

But I am SOL because that is what’s happening. I fuck you not, people are giving birth and using the umbilical cord for arts and crafts projects. Because once you’ve gone through Michaels for your entire undergrad, I guess you run out of things to put on canvasses. Recently Buzzfeed dove into the trend that involved women taking umbilical cords and making things out of them and it’s just a really bad time.

Prepare yourselves.

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The thing is, I think the fact that we get to grow children inside of us is beautiful. Apparently, it’s painful AF but hey, beauty is pain, right? But this? This brings literal tears to my eyes. These looks like a gross-tasting health food snack your weird hippy neighbor would give you. Can’t we just appreciate the beauty of childbirth by ordering tons of expensive, over-the-top baby pictures and flooding everyone’s social media with them? Isn’t that enough?

[via Buzzfeed]

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