Unicorn Chocolate Makes Us Question Whether White Girls Know There’s No Such Thing As Unicorns

Unicorn Chocolate Makes Us Question Whether White Girls Know There's No Such Thing As Unicorns

You know that age old question, which came first: the chicken or the egg? Well here we are in year 2016, having to figure out how in the hell “Unicorn Chocolate” exists when there are no such things as unicorns. And people are actually going bananas over this stuff. I shit you not.

Now in “Unicorn Chocolate’s” defense, it’s a pretty cool concept, because SPARKLES!!! GLITTER!!! OOOO!!!! But like, can we hop off the unicorn train now? We already have the unicorn makeup brushes, we’ve obsessed over the unicorn cafe, and our Lisa Frank coloring books fell apart six years ago.

But for those of you who for some reason haven’t had quite enough unicorn in your life this year, let’s go into detail about the branding of this “magical” new chocolate bar. German brand Ritter Sport are the creators of this new chocolate. The packaging of course includes rainbow sparkles (duh), and the chocolate bar itself is pink, white, and sparkly, which sounds pretty dope, until you actually look at the image on the box and realize it doesn’t even look that edible.

And in true unicorn fashion, the chocolate bars are pretty difficult to find (maybe they don’t even really exist, like real unicorns). If we want to get into logistics (I don’t, math sucks) there were only 50 bars distributed around the U.K.

So good luck hunting this new magical Unicorn Chocolate. If you spend more than 5 minutes on it, joke’s on you, because all chocolate is magical.

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